• Low voltage disconnect (LVD) switch with shut-off timer fixed at 5 mins
  • Continuously monitor voltage level of a 12 volt power input
  • If voltage is greater than 13.25, the LVD power switch turns on
  • If voltage drops below 12.8, the LVD time delay is started
  • If voltage remains below 12.8 until the timer expires, then the power switch turns off
  • If voltage drops below 11.8 with the timer running, then the power switch turns off
  • These LVDs have microprocessor controller and solid state output
  • Over-current shut down
  • Standard automotive relay pin format
  • Compact size with panel-mount bracket
  • Durable metal case
  • 1/4" male tab contacts
  • 185°F (85°C) to -40°F(-40°C)
  • Rated 15 amps max current